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About Blue Lily Home Care

Blue Lily Home Care is an innovative and eminent domiciliary Home Care provider, based in North-West London (and serving the Watford, Hertfordshire area), offering efficient, adaptable and personalised care for all individuals that require care at home.


Providing care in the comfort of your own home

The cost of fully residential care can be very expensive, and this is why specialist Home Care services are often a better and more economical...


Unparalleled service and support

The hallmark of Blue Lily Home Care Ltd is to provide a first-rate service with unrivalled and impeccable standards.


Personalised care for you

Our domiciliary care service can be adapted to suit each individual person and we encourage you to talk to us openly and honestly so that we can...


Understanding is at the heart of what we do

Blue Lily Home Care

Ageing and illness affects us all in different ways and, for some, it takes away the ability to wholly function and operate with a suitable and safe level of self-care.

This can result in a difficult transition period for both the individual and their immediate family.

At Blue Lily Home Care  we understand this and pledge that all our services are carried out with the upmost level of professionalism, understanding and compassion. Most importantly,we recognise that the loss of some independence can be a difficult and upsetting adjustment, so we ensure that all that we do is undertaken in a discreet, inconspicuous and unobtrusive way.

Providing individualised care to individuals

Blue Lily Home Care

Our services are tailormade to suit the needs of the individual and this can involve short visits lasting 30 minutes up to constant 24-hour care.

The team at Blue Lily Home Care are passionate about what we do and firmly believe that by enabling support to take place at home, where there is familiarity and comfort, it can make a remarkable difference to a person’s wellbeing, happiness and health.


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Because we care